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Baby Bootcamp: Fun Fitness August 19, 2009

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Whoever invented the baby jogging stroller deserves a medal.  I just broke my eBay purchase in  and loved it.  jogging

It’s a fixed wheel infant stroller with a hand brake.  That’s about as fancy as I can handle.  I bought it so my soon to be 4 year old son and I can go running together to teach him to love physical fitness.  He and I run at the same pace and have about the same endurance!  He makes a good little running partner. jogging-stretch

Since we tend to develop our future adult level of fitness and exercise as children, I want to engage my kids in structured exercise early and make it FUN.  So today we began our fitness program “Baby Bootcamp”.  It’s preparing me to run a 5k and jiggle all this baby fat off of my body, my son can jog with me and/or ride his little bike beside me, and my little infant daughter can sleep comfortably while her family is getting fit. 

We stretched before hand, and my son is as uncoordinated as me!  But for day 1 of Baby Bootcamp, I think it was a success.  He rode beside me and rang his little bell at the other joggers to say hello.  They ooohed and awed over him and giggled because he’s so darn cute!  The best part is that we both had a blast!!


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