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Pooping…and other uses for toilet paper August 20, 2009

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a-surprise-for-you-mommyI was a little nervous when my son yelled “Mommy I have a surprise for you” while he was on the toilet pooping.  But it was all okay because he just wanted to show me the (most beautiful) flower he made out of toilet paper.  Why is it that men are at their best on the toilet?  I digress…

So, this is a good time to talk about getting kids to wipe their own bottom after pooping.  My son has been completely solo with wiping his bottom for quite about a full month now, but the preparation to get him to this point took a few months.  It started with using the handy dandy flushable wipes.  We showed him how to use them properly (had to show him a few times) and then instructed him to wipe first, and THEN call us to come in and do a quality assurance (QA) check. 

At first it was very messy and he was failing the inspections.    But with some remedial training, his wiping skills began to improve.  He became so proficient at wiping his bottom that he was passing all of the QA inspections with flying colors.  It was time to scale back the QA inspections.  That is where we are today…we “spot check” his work as needed. 

So when he yelled that he had a surprise for me, I was worried!  And he was right, it was a really lovely surprise to see such a beautiful creation made on the toilet.


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