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Who Wouldn’t Want A Cavity? August 21, 2009

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I would give anything to be a kid in 2009.


Even a trip to the dentist today is a great adventure…just ask my son, who was disappointed to learn that he has to wait 6 more months before he can go back because he doesn’t have cavities or other dental needs.  

How cool is this place!

How cool is this place!

This type of  kid-friendly atmosphere is common today, as we are more in tune with the meeting the needs of kids.  Some may view it as just a ploy to lure repeat pediatric business, but it is definitely nurturing the needs of children and creating positive experiences for them. 

Even the dental tech was extra sweet to my son, speaking in such a soft, kind tone as she was about to insert a sharp scraping device into his mouth.  And he willingly let her!    Does she talk like that in real life, or just because she gets paid to?  



a peek inside the dentist office

a peek inside the dentist office

 Is she truly that sweet and soft  for real?  She was so sweet to him that I felt a little “deficient” for the moment.   And then she gave him a prize, a little itty bitty monkey which he actually adores.  Our challenge as parents is to find a good balance between soft and firm, while still nurturing a child’s sense of security and trust.

And, in case you were wondering, here is the expert advice we got from the dentist to maintain healthy teeth (but getting a cavity sounds like much more fun!!!):
  • Limit beverages that contain any sugar to MEAL TIMES only.  Examples of these beverages include fruit juices, juice boxes, sweet tea and milk (milk has sugar too…who knew?!)
  • Between meals, offer water or sugar-free beverages.  Examples of sugar-free beverages include Crystal Light, sugar-free kool aid, Wyler’s brand, Fruit20, and Fuit Falls by Minute Maid.
  • No sodas, Gatorade and Powerade.  A good alternative is Propel Fitness Water.

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