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We don’t have any pictures to prove my son actually turned 3 last year August 26, 2009

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Could somebody please have your child’s birthday party at your HOUSE and invite my son so that he will not think he’s the only deprived child in the world?



His Friend's Spiderman Cake

His Friend's Spiderman Cake. There is a direct connection between the amount of $$ spent on the party and the amount of pictures taken. There aren't any pictures to prove my son actually turned 3 last year, but his friend is definitely 3!!

He is super duper excited about his upcoming birthday, and he has no real clue when it is.  Each day he wakes up and says these exact words in this exact order:  “Where’s my daddy?”  and “Is it my birthday today?”.   We have the same conversation every morning.  I’m considering making a recording of my part of the conversation so that I can sleep in and still answer the questions.  Think he’d notice?


Today he added a new element to our routine conversation…he asked if he could have a party at Jump City, which is where 2 of his little friends booked their birthday party.  I regretfully informed him that his birthday party will be held within the 4 walls in which we live.  He digested the news well, and thought for a minute.  He then informed me that he would like to have 2 parties…one at home like I want and one at Jump City or Chuck E Cheese like he wants.


He’s giving me 2 choices like I do to him.


His interest in his birthday began a couple months ago when he informed me he wants a Spiderman birthday party.  

I gently reminded him that his father and I spent a very large chunk of money for his 2nd birthday at an amusement park and he didn’t speak to his guests for the entire party.   Some call it “being shy”…I call it a big “waste of money”.   We won’t be doing that again.  It’s in-home parties from here on out.


He apparently doesn’t recall last year when we invited exactly zero friends to his birthday celebration.  It wasn’t a party.  It didn’t qualify for that title.  I baked a cake and forgot candles.  My next birthday party pooper moment was when I cut the cake without even considering the natural order of birthday party events.  We were supposed to sing the happy birthday song before cutting the cake.  Apparently he doesn’t get it that I’m not a party person.   One day he’ll figure it out.


By 2009 standards, he’s deprived.


The next time my son asks about his birthday party, I’m going to drop a bombshell on him and tell the story of my sister’s 16th birthday.  It’s a “we were so poor…” story.  We were so poor that my mom didn’t have any money to buy my sister any presents for her birthday, but she wanted her to have something to open.  So, my mom wrapped  items that were laying around the house.  Imagine unwrapping the frying pan or the hairbrush on your birthday!!!


I wonder how  much my son would love to receive the frying pan for his birthday?   Hmmmm…..


2 Responses to “We don’t have any pictures to prove my son actually turned 3 last year”

  1. Ha! Poor child!!!

    We decided, after last year, to start doing at home parties too… although, I was told that the fire dept does free birthday parties. I’m tempted to do that this year for Bubbie.

  2. DDTW Says:

    I have proof that your son turned three last year, even though you started cutting his cake before he blew out his candles!! LOL
    You’re such a party planner!!

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