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Fun Run Really is Fun August 27, 2009

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FUN RUN...tons of fun

FUN RUN...tons of fun

Now that I’m a stay-at-home-mom, I’ve also  improved my rating as an aunt.  The aunt department is an area I need all the help I can get in, so this is a positive outcome…I think I’m moving “off” of my sister-in-law’s “list”.  She maintains a list of people who aren’t meeting her expectations and I’ve been a regular visitor to the list over the years.  But now I’m moving off the list and scoring some really good brownie points, starting with the FUN RUN.

Frozen in a Miss America wave

Frozen in a Miss America wave

My kindergartner niece apparently was a bulk participant  (along with about 200 other pupils) in this high energy and crafty fund-raising event.  I wouldn’t usually consider watching  bunch of little kids running around in circles my idea of entertaining.  But that was before I knew it was the FUN RUN…with a name like that, it’s gotta be fun. 

And it actually was fun…a whole lot of fun.


So I toted my soon to be 4 year old son, his baby sister, and my mother-in-law to this children’s sporting event and met up with my S-I-L and 2 other nieces.  I estimated that my niece, who is made of 100% pure sugar and who melts if the temperature exceeds 79 degrees, wouldn’t last more than a single lap.  She’s such a  girly-girl  that she even wore a bow  in her hair for the run.  But she kept running and running as if she was Forrest Gump himself.  And she smiled the entire time.  I was smiling too because I have discovered another running buddy.  I need another running buddy to help hold me accountable….even if she is 5 years old. 

 fun run cones

So, I gained a lot on a personal level by being a spectator at the highly exciting FUN RUN.  But as I was looking around at all the other spectators, I realized I was in good company.  Dozens of parents came to watch their little kid take part in the FUN RUN.  Watching one of the dads who was clearly dressed for work warmed my heart, as he  cheered for his little son each lap.  The music was blaring from the speakers louder than a Friday night rock concert, and we were definitely jamming. 

 It was the sweetest thing to watch my little son high-five his cousin every lap.  In between laps, he stood frozen in a Miss America wave, anticipating her return.  It was just heart warming to watch the children run around in circles with huge smiles on their faces sweating profusely and enjoying each moment of it.

Who needs hearing protection when you have Mommy available?

Who needs hearing protection when you have Mommy available?

During much of the event, I plugged my little baby’s ears with my fingers.  I didn’t know the FUN RUN was going to require hearing protection, but that just added to the fun of it.  I giggled at a mother who was doing a little dance for her baby in a stroller.  She didn’t mind that hundreds of other than her baby could also see here dancing…and they all had  cameras in hand.

Being a stay at home mom and a good aunt is turning out to be a blast.


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