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Facebook Fun August 31, 2009

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Perhaps if the United States could send a Facebook friend request to North Korea, we’d finally achieve world peace.


Facebook has made all my worlds collide….past, present, future, personal, work, educational & religious… have  met up with each other in one nice, neat package.   I’m not sure what social networking on the Internet will look like when my kids are old enough to do it, but I want them to use it to help create positive experiences and maintain positive connections with others, even if they move half way across the globe.   I am on facebook to do research on social networking for my kids,,,,okay, the truthis  I am hooked on facebook.  It has helped me in many unexpected ways….


Everyone is on their best behavior...except when they plan Mafia Wars

Everyone is on their best behavior...except when they plan Mafia Wars

People are so very NICE on Facebook, and so am I.   I don’t even post rude comments about my husband when he’s annoying me!  I’m sure my husband likes his Facebook wife better than his real wife at times.


I’m really not that great of a friend in real life but I sure do make a great Facebook friend.  In real life,  I forget birthdays and rarely remember to send thank you notes.  FB helps remedy my flaws…I get a reminder every week about birthdays, which gives me the opportunity to extend a proper Facebook Happy Birthday wish.  And even if I forget, they ALWAYS write on their status “Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes”…which usually prompts me to give them a belated birthday wish in case I forgot the first time.   Because I have a birthday deficiency in real life, my Facebook birthday wishes are still lacking…they’re narrowed down to “HBD”, but still….




I like FB because it lets you count your friends and doesn’t point it out whenever someone “unfriends” you.  I was a little mortified to discover that my own dad unfriended me on Facebook.  But he said  he had deactivated his account.  Nothing personal.


Nothing personal is also a tag-line for “Mafia Wars”, a game I’ve never played and never will play.  There are some very soft-spoken and SWEET, KIND, GENTLE women who frequently put hits out on people and I think they’ve racked up pretty large body counts.   When your body count exceeds 50, I think the authorities should probably be notified??


Grown men do this too!

Grown men do this too!

And then there are those who “farm”.  Since I kill plants in real life,  Facebook farming just doesn’t seem like a good hobby for me.  But it’s humorous that grown people (including grown men)… with real jobs and families to take care of …spend their time plowing  pretend crops and caring for pretend farm animals!!  Every now and then there is a little lost cow that shows up needing a home…I’d really love to “adopt” that little cow, but I just can’t take on any more responsibility right now. I’m pretty sure some people farm while they’re at work, but I’m a good Facebook friend so I won’t name names.    



My profile picture gets changed often…it’s kind of like getting a new hairdo.


Over the years I’ve created a list of people I wish I could apologize to for being so mean to them in the past.  Thanks to Facebook, my past enemies are now Facebook friends.  Facebook is mending many areas of my life!  I wonder if this works the same for nations? 


Perhaps if the United States could send a Facebook friend request to North Korea, we’d finally achieve world peace.

This is one application I'll be happy to download

This is one application I'll be happy to download


I have real friends and then I have Facebook friends.   My Facebook friends are the ones who have me frozen in time…they remember me as I was when they once knew me, which is frightening!!   But now I get to let everyone get to know me as I am today…the person I am today is the person I’ve always wanted to be, so it’s a pretty good person to show them!

 My real friends are the ones who know that I  photoshop pictures of myself because I’m not really that skinny in real life!  Pictures of me typically aren’t Facebook-worthy without a bit of a  tummy tuck and face-lift.  But in my defense, the pictures aren’t more than 10% away from reality, so it’s not too too unrealistic!  I had one of my friends look at the “before” and “after” picture that she actually took of me, and she said herself that the changes were almost unnoticable.   My expert digital liposuction skills just shouldn’t go to waste! 


Simply said, today’s enemies are tomorrow’s Facebook friends!


2 Responses to “Facebook Fun”

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  2. cindybiz Says:

    Great post…and great blog…and I would not “defriend” you…I take it too personally when folks do it to me!!


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