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Fear September 14, 2009

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One of the blogs that I’m following, Ordinary Inspirations, is beginning a FEAR series.  This is something I want to participate in because I’m afraid I will never blog about it otherwise.  Some of my fears are completely ridiculous (yes, I recognize how absurd they are, but they are MY fears and I own them!), but some of my fears are really scary. 



1.    What do you struggle with most regarding FEAR?

Control- All of my fears are based on the fact that I’m not in control over everything.  Not having total control over every single detail of life truly freaks me out.



2.  What would you like to walk away with after this 4 part series?

Being comfortable with the concept of “Let Go and Let God” as it applies to all of my biggest fears in life.


One Response to “Fear”

  1. Your answer to no. 1 sounds VERY familiar!!!!

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