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I Ate a Chip off my Daughter’s Head September 20, 2009

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The baby sling sucks in all the baby fat!!
A bonus: This baby sling sucks in all the baby fat!!



Watch out for falling objects while wearing a baby sling.    Because of something called gravity, the sling serves as a catch-all for all things falling.  I  once ate a chip off of my daughter’s head while she was in the sling but it was within the 3 second window, so it was perfectly sociably acceptable to do it.     



Other notable items that have fallen on my daughter’s head in the sling:


scrambled egg

coffee (but not McDonald’s hot)

a cracker box (she wasn’t injured)

money (probably the only time money will just land on her from out of thin air)




Other than medical care…my  Peanut Shell baby sling has been the best baby investment we’ve made during the 3 months of our daughter’s life.   And the sling was at least a thousand times less expensive than we dished out for her medical care.   I’m not exactly sure how I lived without it when my son was a baby .  Since I’ve had the sling, I’ve completely DITCHED the stroller, except for the jogging stroller.  I simply wear her everywhere….even shopping at the grocery store is a breeze.   I love, love, love this concept.



Why didn’t I know this type of thing existed before?   I only got it out of necessity…but I’m not sure why I didn’t “need” something like this when my son was a baby.  


I was on a desperate search for help because my daughter was a colicky baby.  So, I pretty much purchased it out of desperation.  But now I wear it all the time…not out of desperation but because I want to and it feels so natural.  It didn’t solve all our colic problems 100%, but it’s a close answer.  It must  make her feel like she’s back in the womb because she looks so comfy and cozy in there. 


 I sure wish I could crawl in there with her and take a siesta too. 


She has taken up residency in her sling….she has officially moved in.    The only downfall is that she can’t bathe in it.  It’s her  favorite place in her whole wide world!    Once I discovered this sling, a whole wide new world opened up for me also!  It gave me freedom. 





I feel naked without my Peanut Shell and sometimes I wear it even if she’s not actually in it.  “Wearing” her frees both of my hands and allows me to function as a productive human being once again.   But okay, I admit, there are things I can’t do with the sling…like drive, bathe and sleep.  But I can unload the dishwasher, vacuum, and do laundry.  OH, now that I put it that way, it doesn’t sound so great huh?!



After I wrote this entry, I came across this challenge from Adventures in Babywearing….sounds like my kind of challenge!


4 Responses to “I Ate a Chip off my Daughter’s Head”

  1. exactly why i wear my babies!!!!

  2. Boy Crazy Says:

    Oh my gosh, I’m laughing about eating food off your baby. (out loud, by the way!) My three babies all lived in their slings, and I actually spilled wine (red wine) on my third baby when he was brand new. There’s just something wrong with hearing “Ack! I spilled wine on the baby!” I chose to think of it as a baptism of sorts. 😉

    thanks for popping by my blog. always nice to hear from those who stumble across it. Keep up the slingin’…you’re going to love it even as she grows.

  3. I love this!!! And your title!!!


  4. mrssoup Says:

    Lovely! It’s always wonderful to see others that discover the joys of wearing babies!

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