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Babysitting My Son’s Wife September 29, 2009

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She's already perfect for him!!
She’s already perfect for him!!


Note:  Check the efficient parent blog 20 years from now for the rest of this story!!


I was babysitting my son’s future wife and discovered that she’s definitely going to need cooking lessons.  She wanted french fries for dinner and my son needs to eat a little better than that.  Thankfully we have some time, considering she’s three years old. 


Yes, her mom and I went ahead and took it upon ourselves to plan for them to marry each other.    I guess you could call it an arranged marriage, but we like to think of it as a perfect plan.  We’ll simply provide opportunities for their little courtship to grow and then they will ultimately fall in love with each other as adults and marry!


It’s evident they were made for each other.  One day she was coming over to play, but my son was on the toilet pooping when she arrived.  Ater he finished, she announced that she too had to poop.  Great minds think alike.




Then there was the time my son was sharing the “body book” with her and very matter of factly pointed to the “lower region” of a skeleton picture and said, “this is your penis”.   I’m so glad the conversation didn’t go any further than that!!



It will be a nice love story.  They met in church so I’m pretty sure that means they’re a match made in heaven.   


They were shooting each other with water.  They're already fighting!
They were shooting each other with water. They’re already fighting!



My son is going to make a great husband. 


He uses a map and isn’t afraid to ask for directions.  That’s because he loves to watch Dora the Explorer and has consequently realized the value of a getting good directions.  I guess you could say that Dora is doing her part in helping to shape him into a good husband too.   He’s a great cook….in fact today for lunch he “made”  potato salad.  He wipes the toilet seat if he accidentally drips on it.  I think I’ve already blogged about how good he has gotten at wiping!!  He consistently puts the toilet seat down and washes his hands when he’s done.   I mean really, what more could you want in a husband?





He admits when he doesn’t know something.  When we were washing vehicles, I told him to rinse the soap off before it dried.  Instead of  a typical know-it-all male response, he said in the sweetest voice:  “oh, thank you for telling me that mommy, I didn’t know that”.  


He also knows how to “make up” with a kiss.  He actually taught this skill to his father and me.  I think the first time it happened was when he was 8 or 9 months old.  We were having a “not so friendly” disagreement and the tension was thick.        My husband and I were instantly overwhelmed with joy when our son grabbed both of our heads and pushed our faces together for a kiss.  The tension instantly disappeared! 


Maybe I’ll start a blog called “The Efficient Child” and share all of the things he’s taught ME for the better…because it’s so much more than I’ve taught him.  I could go on and on and on, but I think you get the point.   See, not just any ‘ol gal will do for my son.  So that’s part of my personal motivation for arranging this marriage….I can start preparing his future wife to be as nice to him as he’s going to be to her!! 



One Response to “Babysitting My Son’s Wife”

  1. mrssoup Says:

    Oh, he does sound like a perfect husband! If their relationship doesn’t work out, I have a daughter who might be interested in a couple years!

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