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I Gave Birth to a Fairy Princess October 1, 2009

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She loves the camera

She loves the camera

My kids were both made from the same package with the same ingredients but somehow they popped out of the oven completely opposite.  My daughter commands attention…and could you please devote every last ounce of your time and energy to her.  My son shys away from people and he was always an easy baby.  But the little fairy princess is a completely different story.

She adores her big brother

She adores her big brother



I was really glad when she finally started smiling when she was 3 weeks old because for a while I was beginning to think she didn’t like us. 


All she did was cry.  Before the fairy princess was born, I thought colic was a cousin of the croupe.  What was the big deal, I thought.  (Colicky babies are really easy…as long as they aren’t living in your house! )



My husband and I learned a lot about colic and a lot about our own limits.  I truly understand why some animals eat their young.  It’s because of colic…it has to be!!   Colic is just terrible, and it really tests you as a parent.       


already s sassy girl

already s sassy girl

   I prayed a lot to God, even though I was certain He couldn’t hear my prayers over the piercing colic screams.  But  I now see that God answered my prayers a long time go by giving me my husband.  Neither of us could have gotten through it alone.  I was desperate for a solution….for anything  that would help.  I did find some helpful tricks and a sling, but it was still a long hard experience.  No fun.




But now she is starting to laugh out loud and I’d say she’s officially an easy baby now as long as you look her directly in the eye when you’re speaking to her!  hee hee!! 


I love her, prissy and all.  We’ll keep her!


I was really glad when she started smiling because for a while I didn't think she liked us

I was really glad when she started smiling because for a while I didn't think she liked us


4 Responses to “I Gave Birth to a Fairy Princess”

  1. mrssoup Says:

    Awwww, you have a beautiful Fairy Princess.

  2. Beautiful fairy princess!!! 🙂

  3. Oh and yes, COLIC SUCKS! 🙂 Been there, done that!

  4. Mandy Says:

    Thanks for stopping by today! Colic is no fun…been there with #1. I am hoping this new one won’t have it….

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