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Mommy Brain October 2, 2009

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My son was pretending his spiderman balloon was a baby and it was naptime.  I wonder if he suffers from Mommy Brain too?

My son was pretending his spiderman balloon was a baby and it was naptime. I wonder if he suffers from Mommy Brain too?



I used to be smart.  On paper I’m still smart. 


Still, I can’t seem to put a sentence together…even though my baby sleeps through the night now.  I’m suffering from the risidual effects of a very serious condition that slowly kills off key brain cells…it happens gradually.  Thankfully, it’s a temporary condition that lasts for at least a year, but goes away as slowly as it came.



Did you know that clothes won't come clean with the lid open?

Did you know that clothes won't come clean with the lid open?The Mommy Brain Washer...I now know why the owners manual says "Close Lid".


It’s called “Mommy Brain”.  It starts at the beginning of pregnancy…the bigger your belly gets, the smaller your brain gets.  The disease worsens post-partum, and symptoms peak a few weeks after delivery….when people stop bringing meals and visiting the new baby.  



The source of Mommy Brain

The source of Mommy Brain

 It peaks at a very inconvenient time….just as the offers for help cease, and at the same time when you assume total responsibility for the house, grocery shopping, cooking, laundry and kids.


The timing of this condition is unfortunate.  The peak must last a couple months because I’m still suffering from it.  It has even affected my spelling.  I can’t spell words worth a flip anymore!  Mommy brain has invaded my kitchen…this morning I was unloading the dishwasher and found that I had washed a bottle complete with the disposable liner still intact.  Guess that’s a way of saving money, but it was unintentional.


It has affected my new baby…I have yet to mail out a single birth announcement or photograph of her to friends and family.  I just can’t get my act together enough to put those things in the mail.  She’ll be 2 years old before any of my distant relatives and friends get pictures.  I promise, as soon as Mommy Brain goes away, I’ll put pictures in the mail! 


I totally blame Mommy Brain each time I wash a load of laundry and forget to close the lid.  The machine just won’t work if the lid is open!  And Mommy Brain was also the culprit the day I met my friend for lunch with my kids in tow.  We were almost done with our meal when she happened to look out the window and notice that I left the door to my vehicle wide open. 


It didn’t surprise me at all.  The funny thing is, I normally would be overly concerned about these Mommy Brain moments.  But I know it’s a temporary condition and will gradually disappear in the coming months.  And if it doesn’t, then I”ll be writing this blog from the mental hospital because that’s exactly where I’ll go  “check myself in” for a break!!!


   I’m sure there’s more to this post, but I just can’t locate the words in my Mommy Brain right now.


9 Responses to “Mommy Brain”

  1. mrssoup Says:

    Alas, I had Mommy Brain before I was pregnant…so it’s become even worse. At least now I have an excuse and can blame my daughter. Seriously though, I am a spaz brain so often. My husband laughs, but thankfully, he also understands.

  2. Ashley Says:

    Thank you for labeling my symptoms…. I thought I was just getting more forgetful because I’m getting older! 🙂

  3. Mandy Says:

    I, too, suffer from the effects of Mommy Brain. And with each subsequent pregnancy, the effects get worse. This is Baby #3 and I am personally very nervous about how my brain will function…. 🙂

  4. Tumbleweed Says:

    My first is 2 and my second is 9 months. I feel like I’ve been living in perpetual “mommy brain” for for 3 years. When I first noticed, I very was pregnant and at my job (as a high school teacher). Between the hormones, the foggy brain, the stress of my job, and general frustration, I ended up calling my husband in tears: “Honey, I think I’m demented, I get stupider every day. What’s wrong with me?”

    At this point, I just shrug it off as par for the course.

  5. Tumbleweed Says:

    Thanks for the visit and the comment, but you can’t leave me hangin’ like that! What did your son teach you?

  6. Tumbleweed Says:

    Also, how do I “follow” you? Sorry, I’m new to this blogging business (read: technophobe), but I like your work and I’d like to support you. Thanks.

  7. Suspense. I’m working on it!! I’ve tried and tried to load the Google friend follow thingy on my site, but wordpress is just awful and I can’t figure out how to get that button onto my site. So, it turns out you know more than me because all I did to follow you was click on your button! hee hee!!

  8. cindy grayson Says:

    Just wait till you get Nana brain! 🙂

  9. Shannon Seip Says:

    I can totally relate! I am the co-author of the new book Momnesia. The day I was supposed to turn the manuscript into my editor, I forgot to wear shoes to work!

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