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Let’s Play School October 14, 2009

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He was saying "everybody run" as I took this picture

He was saying "everybody run" as I took this picture

Last week was my final exam and I’m done with school for a while….just planning to enjoy my kids and work on extra curricular activities before I devote yet another second of my life to studying.    Blech.

outside of the rainforest cafe

outside of the rainforest husband's phone picture

Even though I’m not a very good student right now, I do love teaching.  My son isn’t eligible to start kindergarten for another 2 years.  In the meantime, it’s my goal to pretend to home school him!  I’ve printed out our state’s kindergarten curriculum requirements and we “play school”.    I’m a little ways off from the school calendar, but since this is my pretend school, I can make up whatever school calendar I want!!  I think I’m going to teach according to themes.  We’re starting off learning about the planet earth.

volcano kid kit

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe….it has thunderstorms every 30 minutes and every 10 minutes all the animals come to life around you.  The elephant by our table couldn’t keep it’s trunk away from our food.    We won’t be making a real trip to the real Rainforest anytime soon, so this will have to suffice.

We’re also learning about volcanoes, and I also threw  Columbus Day in the mix because every now and then we do have to pay attention to the real calendar during my pretend school year!

We went to the library and got videos and books about volcanoes and the Rainforest.  After we “studied” the books and watched the videos, we were ready to put the knowledge into action.  So, we made a volcano and my son insisted on putting a little town and train around the volcano so we could conduct an evacuation drill.  It turned out just lovely, but next time, I’m going to skip the pain of trying to figure out how to construct a volcano all by myself,

and I’m investing in a Volcano Kid Kit to make my life easier!!!  But we had fun and we even danced to Jimmy Buffet’s Volcano song!

he kept trying to eat our food

he kept trying to eat our food....I forgot my camera so we were using my husband's phone for these pictures. Doesn't do the rainforest justice!


One Response to “Let’s Play School”

  1. Tonya Says:

    I love the Rainforest Cafe!! We have this little tradition of visiting one on our vacations (if available) and collecting cups from each destination. This started when we got married and honeymooned in Vegas. It’s been fun collecting them in Texas and Florida!! Love this place!!

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