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Can’t Fly to the Moon Without the Proper Attire October 27, 2009

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He won 1st Place in the Halloween contest!

Recently I made the mistake of giving an   unthoughtful “YES” answer when my son asked me if we could fly to the moon for a family vacation.  I thought that was the end of his space adventure until the next day, when he  informed me that he cannot go to the moon without a “space suit” .

So now I’m feverishly making him an astronaut outfit for Halloween.  This even involved “calling” NASA to see if they have an astronaut helmet he can wear.  Since NASA doesn’t loan their helmets, we’re having to make our own out of a mop bucket.

I hope he’s not too disappointed when reality sinks in after he has the space suit but no shuttle.

Anyway, since I’m not much of a great seamstress, his “space suit” is still unfinished and Halloween is less than 1 week away.  I had hoped to enter a really beautiful picture of my fabulous astronaut outfit creation for this week’s I Heart Faces photo challenge, but I feel like a failure!  So, to calm my nerves, I’m entering a picture from his second Halloween when he was a little cowboy. He won a Halloween contest of $100…he road to the contest on his “horse”, which was my friend’s dog.

It was adorable…how could he not win?!

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One Response to “Can’t Fly to the Moon Without the Proper Attire”

  1. Wow! He won a contest?!!! 🙂 Go dude!

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