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Pumpkin Patch Priority October 31, 2009

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pumpkin patch

I didn't know that pumpkins come in different colors until we visited the pumpkin patch

We had to rearrange our entire agenda one day because I made the mistake of mentioning that we could go get a pumpkin to my son.  He was so excited that he made sure getting a pumpkin was bumped up to the first priority on the list.

poor guy

This pumpkin doesn't have a disease...he's supposed to look like this!

Our visit to the pumpkin patch was very educational.   I didn’t realize that all pumpkins aren’t orange.  They come in different varieties and colors!

pumkin guts

People make food out of this? Yuck!

It was a cold, rainy day at the pumpkin patch, but we had the entire place to ourselves.  So, my son took his time selecting a pumpkin.  If I would have planned a little better, we would have selected a pattern first and THEN went pumpkin shopping. But we did it backwards, and I assure you I will be more prepared next year.

pumpkin carved

I wasn't impressed with my pumpkin carving skills until we lit him up


My son chose a Noah's Ark pattern, but our pumpkin wasn't tall enough to carve the giraffe

When we got home, we carved our pumpkin and sat him out on the front porch to greet the neighborhood.  But I think we cut up our little friend too early because a couple days ago I noticed his mouth was rotting.  During his short stay at our house, he looked like he had turned into a meth addict. His teeth were rotted and he was beginning to stink.  It seems we left him unsupervised a little too much, and he had been out partying when we thought he was sitting quietly on the porch.  So, we politely asked him to leave…and promptly got rid of him.  I thought my son would cry about throwing the pumpkin in the trash, but he didn’t.

I think he was just as traumatized as I was seeing the pumpkin’s rotted mouth because he apparently came to the same conclusion that I did about throwing him away.  It’s funny how that rotted pumpkin had been such a high priority and shaped our entire day’s events at first.  It was a tragic end, and I just wish he could have held out until Halloween day!


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