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365: Day 2 February 19, 2010

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I’m convinced that all our appliances and anything requiring electricity and water all got together and decided to go on strike all at the same time.  It started with my phone’s screen slowly denigrating, so I got a new phone for Valentine’s Day!!  Then the sink started leaking…and our dryer started devouring clothes…the lights in 2 rooms flickering or not turning on at all without a good “slap”, our water heater started leaking and our mailbox bit the dust.  So, I got a new washer and dryer set for Valentine’s Day too.  Our mailman got a new mailbox for Valentine’s Day, and we will tackle the water heater and sink next.  But I’m convinced this conspiracy for a strike stretches beyond our front door….Somehow, some way…the new washer decided to join in on the fun, as we discovered when it was delivered CRUSHED.  The inside drum was crushed too.  But here at least we have a dryer that isn’t hungry….and so now I have a picture of the dryer right after the guy delivered it just to document that SOMETHING went right on this day….Day 2 of my 365 Days of Pictures.  How fun.


2 Responses to “365: Day 2”

  1. Oh my! That was one expensive Valentine’s for Michael, huh?!!! HA! When it rains, it pours!!! Bless your heart! I do have dryer envy though! I LOVE your dryer!!!

  2. Tumbleweed Says:

    That’s a rough stretch, but you sound fairly upbeat. And that’s a pretty, pretty dryer. I’m jealous.

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