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365 Days: A Photography Project Day #1 February 19, 2010

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Wow my blog sure is neglected!    If this  blog was a child, it would no longer belong to me because of the terrible neglect I’ve inflicted on it.  One thing I’ve wanted to do for a little while is a 365 days of photography project.  It’s simple…I’ll take and upload one picture per day on my blog…and that will make me pay attention to it.  I’ll be uploading pictures, but I’m certain I’ll end up bragging about my kiddos in here too.

This SOOC picture is an activity center that I snatched up from Goodwill for $8.08 last week as it was being wheeled into the store from the warehouse.  I brought it home and promptly scrubbed and bleached it.  My daughter thinks it’s the greatest thing ever!   And so do I.   It has served as a great  motivational tool for her to start crawling…which she practically is already but she needs more practice to be consistent.

By the way, does anyone know how much one of these things cost out of the box?  I’m hoping it’s way more than eight bucks…just to make me feel like I got a fantastic deal!!    Until tomorrow’s picture…later!


2 Responses to “365 Days: A Photography Project Day #1”

  1. What a find! Super jealous! They cost anywhere from $60-100!!! You did GREAT!!!! :O) And congrats on a crawling baby girl!!! I bet its adorable!!!

  2. Oh wow….$60 – $100!!! I feel so cool. ha! You’re welcome to borrow it.

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