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365: Day 6 February 23, 2010

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Here’s my not so great picture of the day.   You know my secret now…I have a yellow 70’s bathroom!!  It’s as old as me.  but when I saw those little yellow ducks standing in the little yellow bathroom, it was too cute to pass up.  So here’s the story behind the picture… Yesterday we visited the dentist…I didn’t bring a camera this time (read the “Who Wouldn’t Want a Cavity” post).  This time what we brought home from the dentist office was a sand timer and a great report.  You’re supposed to brush until gravity pulls all the sand to the other end….it’s approximately 2 minutes.  I love this thing and so does my son.  It works wonders.  Oh, and my husband and I were both shocked by the “great report”.  We completely expected some cavities because since his last cleaning  we’ve had Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day….in which he received tons of candy to last him through the winter months.  Kind of like a squirrel with nuts.  Except it’s candy.


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