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365: Day 9 February 26, 2010

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For the past 2 weeks, it seems like my life has revolved around laundry because we’ve been minus a washer.  Our washer was scheduled to arrive today, but yesterday the order status online showed that it was completed and THAT WE HAD ALREADY RECEIVED THE THING.  Oh, I was LIVID and got on the phone to complain to Home Depot and the delivery company.  So at 7:00 this morning guess what showed up at our house!!  Yep, no more complaining from me.  Here it is…our brand spanking new, undamaged and FUNCTIONAL washing machine.  This is a picture of when they were testing it after installation.  I’m like my 8 month old daughter…I’m in awe with bright shiny flashing lights.  So, that’s why I had to take a picture of this thing.  No more hand washing and complaining from me!  The past 2 weeks made me appreciate my mother’s hardships more than I ever realized before.  Having to do things the hard way to take care of your family and keep things orderly is rough.  I feel extremely lucky to have a washer and to lead the life my husband and I have created for our children.  We have food, hot water, transportation, and an income.  Those are ALL things that my mother didn’t always have.  Dear God, bless her heart.  She never complained and she always went out of her way to try to do better for us.  My kids and I are soooo spoiled, and I feel a little guilty because I would fall apart if I had to endure the hardships my mother experienced trying to take care of her family.  Oh, how my heart breaks for her.


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