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I Dislike Mormons March 10, 2010

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I am so mad at the Mormons.  And I’m not even talking about the whole false prophet issue….I’m talking about simple common sense.  Why must the little Mormon guys ring my doorbell THREE times?    It’s a very loud doorbell and I know for a fact it is audible from where they were standing, so the whole house heard it the first time they rang and I can’t figure out why they felt the need to do it 2 more times after I didn’t answer the 1st time.   There were three of them, so maybe they took turns ringing…just to make it fair? You’d think that between the 3 of them that they could come up with enough brain cells to figure out after 1 door bell ring that I wasn’t going to answer.  But no, they WOKE UP MY BABY FROM HER NAP!!!   Maybe ringing the doorbell 3 times is code for “we’re Mormon”. No, they already have a special code for “we’re Mormon”…it’s the way they dress.  I just happened to have a picture of my son looking like he is in the Mormon training program…White shirt, black tie and back pack.  Before today I didn’t really have a bone to pick with the Mormons, but now that they woke up Sleeping Beauty from her nap I am furious with them!!


One Response to “I Dislike Mormons”

  1. Oh my goodness! I understand COMPLETELY! I am so sorry! I put a note on my doorbell- do not ring doorbell- baby sleeping! Worked like a charm- until the wind blew it away!

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