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I’ll Never Make Fun of the Circus Again March 22, 2010

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Never again will I ever, ever make jokes about the circus.  This is serious business and these people are TALENTED and skilled.   I would have died doing the things they did.  We decided to get our tickets at the very last minute, and the only seats left were on the floor…an arms-length away from the action.  I’m not complaining….the $45 extra dollars we paid were well worth getting these shots.  There were two PETA protesters outside the event facility with signs that said “Barnum & Bailey kills animals”.   Really?   The animals looked alive and well to me.  It was the people performing in the circus that I was worried about.  I hope they are getting paid very well to put on such a wonderful show.  It was great entertainment and I’m happy we were forced to splurge! hee hee!  Here is some more of what we saw:

I’m sure that the Ringling Brothers are definitely performing illegal acts….like shooting a guy out of a cannon and hoping he lands safely in a chair.  That’s got to be illegal, right?  I mean, I’m sure I’d get arrested if I did that to my husband.  Or would I????  Hmmmmm……

And did you know that the Ringling Brothers made this guy jump through a ring of fire?  I’m sure he caught on fire because I see some burning embers on his skin.  I didn’t do anything to this picture…he really is jumping through the fire.   And those really are flames on his skin.  Poor guy.  I wish I would have brought my first aid kit because he needed it.  I don’t even let my child watch this kind of torture on TV, but we paid extra just so he could get an up close and personal view of a man jumping through fire.  Did the fire department know about this?   Yet another moment when I feared for someone’s life.    I didn’t see anything about this guy’s life on the PETA signs.  They don’t care about him either.

We made it out alive and I didn’t feel bad for the animals.  I mean seriously, I don’t even get a pedicure like this elephant has.  If your nails look this good, you’re living the good life.  It really was a great  night and I recommend it…I’m sure it’s a great show from wherever you sit.  But because all the other seats were sold out, we got to see the wrinkles on the elephants’ feet up close and personal.  Hope you enjoy these pictures!


One Response to “I’ll Never Make Fun of the Circus Again”

  1. Cathy Blanchard Says:

    Awsome photos and the comments made me laugh!

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