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Favorites August 19, 2009

Here are some of my favorite websites and blogs & why:


Hyperactive Lu:  A SAHM living her dream.  Probably the most honest SAHM blog on the internet! 


Rocks in my Wagon:  This blog makes me laugh.


Healthy Living by Marissa:  Healthy recipes designed with moms in mind!


Mom…And Loving it!  The blog that goes with the book.  This book will make you feel good about your role!


Perfect Baby Handbook: And other funny jokes!


The 99 Cent Chef: I like that this really cheap chef shares all his secrets


Happy Housewives Club: The website that goes along with the radio show


BlogHer: A community website for women who blog


Travel With Kids:  Great tips from someone who is highly experienced.


Mrs. Marine & The Tiny Troops: Military wife blog…I love Marines!


I Should Be Folding Laundry:  Lots of fun pictures…kinda like a storybook.


Stamp Happens:  Love looking at the pictures on this site…really beautiful scrapbooking and more creations


Homeschool Distractions:  Would love to homeschool but will settle for living vicariously through this lady


See Mommy Run: Website that helps running moms find each other.


Parenting Pink: Raising strong daughters


Blog Carnival for Newbies


Parenting Blogs


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