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365: Day 7 & 8 February 26, 2010

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I’m horrified!!  This picture of our dirty laundry is the ONLY one I took on Feb 24th.  So, here you have it…a picture of our dirty laundry piling up!!  But, thanks to a brilliant friend of mine who suggested  (gasp) laundry mat, these loads of laundry weren’t dirty for too long.

Which brings me to my next picture…(365 Day 8):

This is the laundry mat!!!  It wasn’t so bad…the building was definitely old and unglamorous, but the place smelled WONDERFUL and fresh…clean.   The machines worked great, but they had an accumulation of detergent spills on the outside, which contributed to the dingy look.   That’s because the laundry detergent is filled on TOP of the washer, which really invites spillage.  Still,  I had envisioned a laundry mat being dirty and smelly… but the insides of the washers were clean and that’s all I cared about.  Most of the people there were there washing comforters.

My son got a sticker for helping me take the laundry out to the vehicle, and he had a helping hand from another son who was there helping his mother too!  Of course, laundry mats cost money…lots of it!  The TRIPLE Load washers were 14 quarters and the DOUBLE Load washers were 8 quarters.  I think the MEGA Load washers were about 24 quarters, but don’t quote me on that.  I felt safe and treated it as a new adventure.  I haven’t stepped foot in a laundry mat since I was a kid…we lived with my mother and we were very poor.  The laundry mat was about 20 miles away and we didn’t always have an operational car, so my mom did a lot of hand-washing too.  One winter that sticks out in my head was when she hand washed a bunch of jeans and hung them outside overnight to dry so we would have something to wear for school the next day.  When it was time to get ready for school, we discovered that all of our clean jeans were FROZEN.  After going through almost 2 weeks of hand washing and going to the laundry mat (and whining about it on facebook by the way), I have a new respect for my mother, who did it without complaining for YEARS.


365: Day 6 February 23, 2010

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Here’s my not so great picture of the day.   You know my secret now…I have a yellow 70’s bathroom!!  It’s as old as me.  but when I saw those little yellow ducks standing in the little yellow bathroom, it was too cute to pass up.  So here’s the story behind the picture… Yesterday we visited the dentist…I didn’t bring a camera this time (read the “Who Wouldn’t Want a Cavity” post).  This time what we brought home from the dentist office was a sand timer and a great report.  You’re supposed to brush until gravity pulls all the sand to the other end….it’s approximately 2 minutes.  I love this thing and so does my son.  It works wonders.  Oh, and my husband and I were both shocked by the “great report”.  We completely expected some cavities because since his last cleaning  we’ve had Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day….in which he received tons of candy to last him through the winter months.  Kind of like a squirrel with nuts.  Except it’s candy.


365: Day 5 February 22, 2010

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Yay!  We got a new water heater today…it’s installed and they said I will have hot water in less than an hour.  That’s great because I’ve got to resume hand-washing the laundry before it starts piling up.  Two more days until my washing machine arrives.  So, here is an indication of why we needed a new water heater in the first place.  It was leaking from the bottom, but still….YUCK!!!


365 Days 3 & 4

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Oh I’m already falling behind with the 365 project…I don’t have any personal pictures to share from days 3 & 4, so I think I’m about to cheat.  I have to use 2 pictures from sessions I did…so please forgive me.  They are definitely not SOOC, but both pictures tell a story.

February 20, 2010:

February 21, 2010


Hands On Fun: I Heart Faces

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It’s more like she has her hands on “their” fun.    This is my 7 month old baby girl…you don’t even have to see her face to know what’s going on in her little head as she watches her daddy and 4 year old brother make snow angels.    This week’s photo challenge for  iHeart Faces is “HANDS ON FUN”.     She sure does want to get out there and have some fun, but for now she’ll have to settle for  putting her little hands on the window pane while she plots her escape.  Since she had a cold, it was the closest thing to “HANDS ON FUN” that she could have on our snow day.

Be sure to take a look at other cute “HANDS ON FUN” pictures at the iheartfaces website at


365: Day 2 February 19, 2010

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I’m convinced that all our appliances and anything requiring electricity and water all got together and decided to go on strike all at the same time.  It started with my phone’s screen slowly denigrating, so I got a new phone for Valentine’s Day!!  Then the sink started leaking…and our dryer started devouring clothes…the lights in 2 rooms flickering or not turning on at all without a good “slap”, our water heater started leaking and our mailbox bit the dust.  So, I got a new washer and dryer set for Valentine’s Day too.  Our mailman got a new mailbox for Valentine’s Day, and we will tackle the water heater and sink next.  But I’m convinced this conspiracy for a strike stretches beyond our front door….Somehow, some way…the new washer decided to join in on the fun, as we discovered when it was delivered CRUSHED.  The inside drum was crushed too.  But here at least we have a dryer that isn’t hungry….and so now I have a picture of the dryer right after the guy delivered it just to document that SOMETHING went right on this day….Day 2 of my 365 Days of Pictures.  How fun.


365 Days: A Photography Project Day #1

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Wow my blog sure is neglected!    If this  blog was a child, it would no longer belong to me because of the terrible neglect I’ve inflicted on it.  One thing I’ve wanted to do for a little while is a 365 days of photography project.  It’s simple…I’ll take and upload one picture per day on my blog…and that will make me pay attention to it.  I’ll be uploading pictures, but I’m certain I’ll end up bragging about my kiddos in here too.

This SOOC picture is an activity center that I snatched up from Goodwill for $8.08 last week as it was being wheeled into the store from the warehouse.  I brought it home and promptly scrubbed and bleached it.  My daughter thinks it’s the greatest thing ever!   And so do I.   It has served as a great  motivational tool for her to start crawling…which she practically is already but she needs more practice to be consistent.

By the way, does anyone know how much one of these things cost out of the box?  I’m hoping it’s way more than eight bucks…just to make me feel like I got a fantastic deal!!    Until tomorrow’s picture…later!